Saturday, September 27, 2008

2008.. great or hate?

Well I am gonna go ahead and write a reflection of the 2008 racing season for me...

Moments of hate in 2008 include: Screwing up bloodsugars before races. Starting the season not having a pre & post race routine for managing my diabetes well. Doing 5 hr training rides in July & August because I was trying to train through issues instead of dealing with them, therefore completely trashing myself for the rest of the year. I started a bad habit of training a bunch when I am stressed, which just makes things worse. Being a baby & pouting over riding like crap. Getting dropped from races. Breaking my collar bones 3 times. Knocking out my teeth. Getting a scar on my face. Going hypo at the start of the NVGP road race therefore dropping out with in 20 minutes of the start because I couldn't pedal straight. Doing almost 40 athlete days, some of which were fun while others were just tiring.

Moments of great in 2008 include: Going to my first training camp in California & having a blast. Getting to train in Santa Barbara and doing my first "real" climb (maybe that should be under the hate list...) Hanging with my team mates at races. Making friends at races. Upgrading to a cat 2. Doing my first NRC race. Getting on the podium with Monique at Kelly Cup. Doing Speed Week. Getting to ride with a team mate and actually making a bit of money! Getting to ride & race my bike all over the USA. Getting a bunch of cool tools to manage my diabetes (woo, NAVIGATOR!). Learning how to better manage my bloodsugars pre & post racing and training. Getting a bunch of cool stuff from sponsors that make me look good (IE oakley sunglasses, tall socks, zipp wheels). Getting my a1c to 6.3. Being able to inspire other type 1's to manage the disease proactively & overcome any challenges they may face. Not dying after I was hit by a car & still able to race this year. Moving to Atlanta where the training is better & more folks ride. Getting a king sized bed (okay that really doesn't have much to do with training/racing/ or diabetes.. but it's for sure a highlight of the year thus far!)

Overall this year was pretty good. Tough, but good. Looking forward to next year and improving on managing my diabetes & racing stronger. Can't give up too much information at the moment but let's just say that TT1 is expanding for 2009 & it will include a women's pro squad :D...

Catch yall later!