Thursday, October 16, 2008


So it's the time of year for me when motivation is hard to come by. I have been enjoying the time away from the bike greatly. So much so I was starting to get nervous whether or not I would be able to find motivation to start training properly for 2009. The last few days though I have been starting to get a little more anxious, thinking about training & racing next year. Not thinking about it enough to really give me that jolt to get on the bike and pull out a 24 HR week or anything, but enough to start wrapping my head around preparing for the 2009 season.

This morning I however received this...

It is a video the ADA Tour de Cure did on me a few months back. At the time when I did this interview, training & racing were going really well. I was hungry to be on the bike & work my butt off. I watched the video this morning, remembering how motivated I was at this time & it really gave me a good bit of motivation for next season.

The ADA informed me that they plan to make tons of copies of the DVD & send it to children's camps & endos... good stuff, yall!