Monday, July 6, 2009


I have neglected this blog for too long now, so I shall update...

What's new? For me, my first year of full time racing has been pretty bad. A lack of fitness, motivation, & experience is to blame. Being 20 years old and immature doesn't help either. Basically the first part of the year I burned myself out with all the travel to races and athlete days. My fitness was decent at the beginning of the year after Redlands but then quickly went south. The first part of the season has been a bit sloppy & embarrassing, lets hope I can pull it together for the last hoorah of racing.

I've learned a lot from this year so far. Racing on a team and for a teammate is WAY harder than just looking out for yourself. Last year my only job in races was to conserve, follow wheels, conserve some more, then sprint at the end. This year it's been quite different. With the caliber of riders on the team, I've taken a worker roll. It's really an honor to get to ride for the girls on the team, but dang it's hard trying to make the race happen!

When it comes down to it, things could be worse. I just need to do my part in getting it together and being a valuable teammate. I have had 3 weeks at home and was able to rest up a little and then do a small block of training. Lets hope it works out!

New on the diabetes front is that I am back on Apidra in a OmniPod. I forgot how much easier it is with a pump vs. having to carry a syringe and vial around everywhere.

I also got an awesome cat named Nobu. I have never been a cat person until now... Speaking of Nobu I think he's coughing up his first hairball!!! Sickkk!!!!!!!

Later folks

PS- Shouts out to Mon.. she's to blame for this Internet whine sesh on my blogo. Hope you're healing up nicely. (Check out her blog, she wrecked damn hard in Tulsa breaking 3 vertebrate and separating her shoulder!)