Sunday, November 30, 2008

Monthly Update

Okay.. I have figured out my 2009 New Year's Resolution.. update my blog more than once every 5 weeks! I really should share more about training and management because lately I have had a lot of inquires about how I do it.

What's been going on...
Well I just returned from 8 days of warm & sunny training in Southern California. Oh boy was I spoiled being able to ride in that weather! I stayed 25 miles Northeast of San Diego in Poway, CA. A little town in the mountains. Only about 50 min ride to the coast & 5 min's from some climbs.

Two of Team Type 1's sponsors were nice enough to put me up for the duration in exchange for a little bit of work. No a bad deal! Dex 4, rapid acting glucose that raises your bloodsugar quickly & Sanofi Aventis, the makers of Apidra & Lantus insulin's were really great out there! For Sanofi, I did an afternoon program at the Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, CA where I met with physicians and patients and told them about TT1 & being an athlete with Type 1. For Dex 4, I went to the Take Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD) in San Diego, CA where it was a big expo & conference for physicians & patients about being more proactive in diabetes management. It was mostly Type 2 diabetics (not a surprise since of the 24 million Americans with Diabetes, 3 million have Type 1 & the rest Type 2/Gestational) that I met. It was a great time and hopefully inspired some Type 2's to get out and be more active.

I just finished off my first block of base and enjoyed an easy week of training for the Thanksgiving Holiday. It's good to be back training lots again. I am always so surprised by how much easier management is. And it's always surprising how much quicker & better insulin works once you get the metabolism running.

My mom came up to Atlanta and hung out for a few days. We went to the Ritz on Thanksgiving evening for dinner. The meal was fantastic and it was a great way to spend the night! We went out on "black Friday" and did a bit of shopping. It actually wasn't too bad crowd wise. I got a new digital camera that I have been doing my best to put to work. That afternoon we drove to Athens to check out a place I am renting starting at the end of December and to attend a wedding. It was fun & I was happy to be able to show my mom Athens & get her approval.. mother's know best. Then Saturday we went to the Atlanta Symphony for a great program where they combined the symphony & cirque du soleil. It was so cool! I love having my mom in town to go do things like that with.

Yeah so I didn't last long in Atlanta. It was fun for the off season & when I wasn't really training. But now that I am getting back on the boat, it's not really my scene. Some people don't mind always having a car driving by every minute & always hearing a car engine in the distance, but I do. One thing I miss about Tallahassee is the fact that I could be out on some quite road in 20 minutes and not hear or see a car for hours. I also miss the plethora of dirt roads all over North Florida/ Southern Georgia. I am the kind of person that likes the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere and you feel as if you are exploring roads no one has ever seen. Every time I go out for a training ride it takes like 50 min to get out onto a somewhat quite road and all the drivers are psycho here. I've decided to give Athens a go. It reminds me more of Tallahassee and the training will be more my deal I think. It's also close enough to Atlanta so that if I want to come into the city, (for something like the Symphony again!) it's an hour and 15 min away. Only thing that's gonna suck is having to make the drive to the airport.. eh I figure it'll be worth the trade off for some quite riding.

Well y'all, it's been real. Hope to report good things from Athens soon!!

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we didn't really want you in Chattanooga anyway...