Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nature Valley Grand Bust

So if you have not figured this out, my blog is a place where I like to complain about my life that's really not bad, but I like to pretend things are a lot worse than they really are and bitch about them on the internet... so let my complaining commence!

The lesson I have learned is that sitting at races & watching, is way less fun than actually racing them. One of my least favorite feelings is feeling like I am the weakest link. Well that is exactly the way I feel right about now.. I was given an awesome opportunity to ride with a women's team for Nature Valley & just completely f-ed it up. The first day was a crit that was a total crash fest because of the poor weather, tight turns, man-hole covers galore, and the 140+ field of women squeezed on to the course. I managed to stay upright. But by the 10th lap of the 30 lap crit, I sat up because I seriously had trouble distinguishing the front of the field from the back as Kristen Armstrong lapped the field, crashes in every corner, and chicks just getting popped left & right. Luckily no one on Advil got hurt, the race promoters decided to not count this race as a stage, and I had another opportunity to grow some.

Next day, 65 mile road race with a finish that consisted of a 5 lap, 2 mile circuit. So line up on the 2nd line of the start (thinking sweet position today! I started about 3/4 the way back the day before which sucked pretty much) At 5:30PM, we're off! Until 20 seconds later when the lead car forgets to turn. The whole field turns around, now I am at the back. It's a bit of a chase to get back into the field. Once I am settled a bit, I check my Navigator and it's 110 arrow pointing straight down and the projected low is alarming at me. I think to my self, are you effing kidding me??? At the start of the race, I was 150, arrow pointing straight across. I start eating dex4 glucose tabs and drink gatorade. Ugh, the feeling of no power and like I am about to pass out starts to take over. After about 15 min I am totally dunzo... out! I get into the team car chug a coca-cola and feel like a total failure.

Pretty much this week sucks. What makes it even worse is I still have to stay with Advil until Monday when I fly out to Texas and I just feel like a waste of space that can't pedal a bike. I totally flew all the way to Minnesota to do maybe 30 min of racing total and now get to sit around for 3 days watching the chicks race and feeling like a dumbass. Yeahhhh, bike racin & diabetes!

Well folks, off to TX on Monday for some athlete days & racin, maybe I can redeem myself or I'll do something stupid again.. either way I'll be hangin with illegal immigrants and Lance in Austin! yeah!


BIGWORM said...

Hang tough, Morgo. I've got faith in you!

I3rfry said...


You're awesome, and could probably beat me right now.

I'll train with you during winter break when I get back to the states, and you'll get super fast.