Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Coldplay's new CD is pretty alright, I'd say

I am currently sitting in the airport in Austin, TX waiting for my flight to Denver, CO. I am off for a few days to check out the city of Boulder! Hope it's good fun.

So I was in Austin to races a few crits and do 2 athlete days. Only ended up racing 1 crit and doing 1 athlete day because I decided to throw myself on the ground and re break my right collar bone. Literally in the middle of the crit course on one of the straights was a stop sign in the road with hay bales at the base. Every lap, chicks would go to the left and right of it. I figured the race was going to come down to a bunch sprint by the way the sprinters teams were riding. So I decided to just sit in the whole time, conserve energy. As I am sitting in toward the back (dumb), we come around the 2nd corner and a chick in front of me heads straight for the stop sign. At the last moment she jumps to the left, where my front wheel is and wipes me out. I crash hard on my right side re breaking my collar bone & bustin up my helmet. Wreck right in front of a bar where tons of people are sitting around drinking & watching the races. It bet for the intoxicated spectators it was a good show. Some nice woman from the bar helps me get untangled from the bike and get situated. After a short stay in the ER, end up leaving the hospital with my arm in a sling, a piece of paper with saying 4-6 weeks healing time, and a big bottle of Viccodine ES (extra strength... yeahhhhhh, not muckin around here!)

Well I reckon it was about time for a break anyway, so I am not too worried about the time off. I needed about 2 weeks off to rest & regroup. So I just plan on hopping on the trainer for a few weeks and gettin' back to it. Honestly this time is way better than when I broke both my collar bones a few months back. At least this time I have 1 good arm! And it's way less painful this time because the break was not as bad.

Austin, TX.. I don't hate it! It was actually a pretty cool city. Tons of young people living and working here. Great food and the riding was pretty spiffy. The host house we stayed at was awesome, the guy was really good about showing us around the town. Most host housing I have experienced is a bit like business, typically the people show us our room, give us towels, give us a spare key & say, "if you need anything else let us know" and that's that. This guy, Chris who rides for a local race team in Austin, Velossimo, was super cool and took us out on the town, hung around with us when we weren't training or racing, and even took us out to a local bunch ride. Good times, I have decided to add Austin to the list of places I want to live.

The next month for me looks pretty dull which I am not complaining about. It's gettin' too hot to train anyhow! I'll be back in Tallahassee next week and look forward to trips to the springs & seeing friends. If you want to hang out and do things that don't involve moving your arms much, I am game. This means pretty much all my other hobbies like roller-coaster rides, going to sporting events & doing "the wave", hand stand competitions, and bench pressing contests are out of the question as of now...


I3rfry said...

Nooo, damnit Morgan. That sucks. Heal up quick. You'll be kicking ass soon.

trifry said...

Morgan!!!!!! While you are recuping give us a call and we'll treat you to a nice dinner. I think Jeremy just had shouder surgery so maybe we'll have to help you guys rehab.

Robin and Russ (aka Beck's parental units)