Saturday, August 2, 2008


It is official: it has been exactly 6 weeks since my wreck, I am healed! Today when I woke up, and drew and "X" through Saturday on my calendar, (BTW, TT1 has a Calendar, and I am Miss March...) I noticed a little asterisk with a big ole' 6 next to it, and thought,"sweet! I am healed, I can race!" In reality the whole wait 6 weeks thing didn't really mean much. I have been back training ever since I got back from Boulder. I started cracking hard when I was out in Colorado, I even went for a run one day. Didn't work out so well though with the whole altitude thing. I was just getting restless, thinking about the amount of calories I was not burning versus the amount I was consuming, basically feeling like a sloth. So I reckon I am going to head to Atlanta for my first race back. There is a road race and a criterium next weekend and figured it would be a good way to get back to it, and get to visit a few people up that way. It's a little sad that I will be doing a race in GA over being able to go to U23 Nationals in California, but hey.. maybe next year? BTW, Good luck Jackie!!!!!!!!!! I'll be rootin' for ya.
Well sure hope I am able to at least get a few more decent races in before the seasons over. Training over the last few weeks has been going alright, nothing spectacular, starting to not be too motivated when doing the local bunch rides in Tallahassee and thinking waking up for an 8AM ride doesn't sound quite as fun as sleep. But hopefully I'll be motivated once I am back out racing if not, I am done for the year and partying until the end of November when it's time to start base!!!!

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I3rfry said...

omg, you updated. I was 88% sure you had forgotten about your blog.

Also, my verification word is "mwoaz". How cool is that?